Why I Started Grinn

How Grinn Came to Be

A bit of background

I have known that I belonged in the dental world since I was a young girl, always wanting to be a dentist when I grew up. As a kid, I had several dental procedures and orthodontics done in order to enhance the function of my bite and improve the esthetics of my smile, including an expander, those lovely metal braces, and a surgery to bring my canine tooth into proper position. Despite the years of ongoing treatment, I was blown away with what dental treatments could do! Another influencing factor was that both of my parents had had horrible dental experiences and avoided seeing a dentist in over 10 years. Despite their dental anxiety, my parents still understood the importance of oral health and brought myself and my siblings to the dentist every 6 months, no if, ands, or buts.

As my university years approached and I needed to make a decision as to what career path I truly wanted to pursue, I came across the term dental hygienist. Previous to this, I had made the assumption that there were only dental assistants and dentists, I was completely ignorant to the fact that dental hygienists could work independently from a dentist. I was attracted to the flexibility that a career in dental hygiene could offer- I could work part time, full time, in a general practice, or own my own clinic! After a deep dive into the profession, I knew that this was my calling, that this is the career where I could help people achieve oral health and practice what I preach- that prevention is powerful!

So I had found my calling – I was going to be a dental hygienist. Thankfully, I was accepted in the Dental Hygiene Diploma program at the University of Alberta, and gradated with distinction in 2016. I started practicing in a general dental practice as soon as I wrote my board exam, and while working full time, I went on to complete my Bachelor of Science specializing in Dental Hygiene through the University of Alberta, and graduated with distinction in 2017.

Since graduating, I have had the opportunity to work in several general dental practices, and am very fortunate to work at Northwest Prosthodontics, working closely with Dr. Nimet Adatia. With her in-house lab and meticulous work, she has enabled many clients achieve incredible functional and esthetic outcomes.

So why open a dental hygiene studio?

During the post-pandemic craze, and in the midst of a economic downfall, I thought, what better time than now to open a dental hygiene studio and demonstrate how important preventative habits are in achieving health. While I found working in general practice a very valuable place to grow, I had reached a point where I felt like I could no longer practice to the extent of my skills and knowledge, and I wanted to create a space where I could utilize my full scope of practice and give my clients the preventative strategies they deserved. Scheduling that was tailored to dentists and not hygienists, as well as limited dental hygiene specific technology were constraints that I seemed to be facing routinely, so I was looking for something more. Grinn. A place where prevention is the focus. The name Grinn is a play off my last name, but also so fitting with the services we provide. The aim of the studio is to enable clients to have a healthy and happy grin on their face…. before, during, and after their hygiene therapy session with us. We want to be the place clients look forward to visiting.

Dental anxiety is a very real experience for many people, and I want to create a comfortable space for these clients to receive preventative treatment. Some of these considerations include removal of certain dental sounds like the drill, access to entertainment as distractions, extended appointment times, weighted blankets, and dental hygiene technology that increases efficiency and effectiveness, such as using a portable x-ray machine, and including GBT and laser treatment options. My goal is to facilitate an efficient and effective way to practice dental hygiene therapy, where client care is never compromised, and we treat you as a person first, and an oral cavity second.

Dental hygienists can wear many hats- we are educators, clinicians, entrepreneurs, researchers, innovators, sounding boards, and friends. This diversity makes me passionate about what I do and I am excited that I can create a space where all these avenues can be embraced.

Visit us for a dental hygiene therapy session, a simple hello, or a meet and greet! I would love the opportunity to show you what a dental hygiene studio has to offer!


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Why I Started Grinn

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