The Studio

An Independent Calgary Dental Hygiene Studio

Grinn, a play off the founder’s last name, and a reflection of the focus of our services – your grin! 

the studio

Personalized Care For Powerful Prevention.

We believe everyone deserves a healthy smile. By completing dental hygiene therapy in a relaxed, supportive, and collaborative environment, our multi-modality approach generates experiences that focus on educating our clients and reinforcing the concept that most dental disease is preventable.

The Experience

Studio Highlights

We understand that dental anxiety is a real experience for many people. Our studio was created with the intention of generating a welcoming and comfortable space for clients to feel at ease while receiving dental hygiene treatments. Our equipment and services are designed to ensure client comfort is always a priority; our versatile dental chairs deliver warm water to help reduce sensitivity, weighted blankets and TV entertainment may help reduce dental anxiety, and we utilize the latest technology for maximized comfort, effectiveness, and efficiency.

the team

Meet the professionals

Shandel Grimm

Dental Hygienist
Studio Owner

“Do the little things right.”

Shandel graduated with a Diploma in Dental Hygiene from the University of Alberta in 2016 with distinction.

Shandel graduated with a Diploma in Dental Hygiene from the University of Alberta in 2016 with distinction. In 2017, she successfully completed her Bachelor’s Degree in Science with distinction, specializing in Dental Hygiene, and was awarded membership into the Golden Key International Honor Society for academic excellence. Practicing in both general dental offices and Prosthodontic offices for over six years has allowed her to gain extensive experience in her field, and ultimately her devotion to preventative dental hygiene therapy and exceptional client care led her to open Grinn Dental Hygiene Studio in 2022.

Through her passion for travelling and giving back, Shandel participated in a dental mission with Health Mission Outreach (HMO) in Guatemala (2017) to provide free dental hygiene therapy for underprivileged communities. This was a significant and humbling experience in her career, and she continuously encourages everyone to try and give back in any way they can.

Outside of Shandel’s passion for preventative health and continuing her education, she enjoys staying active in the gym, exceptional vegetarian food, hiking, reading – especially Jody Picoult, and travelling the world to experience different cultures and climates. She is wowed by sunsets and the beauty of autumn leaves.

Katelyn Kinsella

Office manager
Dental Assistant

“Be intentional in all that you do.”

Katelyn graduated from Columbia College with a Dental Assistant Certificate in 2016.

She then completed the Orthodontic Module and Sedation Certificate in 2019 and plans to complete her Scaling Module in the near future. For most of her dental career, Katelyn has been a Lead Assistant with a passion for ensuring that every client is comfortable and cared for during their treatments, and focuses on client education, making her an integral team member at Grinn. She enjoys her ability to work closely with co-workers and develop client relationships in the studio.

Outside of her passion for helping people reach their oral health goals, Katelyn loves experimenting with makeup, tattoos, and the power of healing crystals. She also enjoys spending time with her 3 adorable (and energetic) huskies, Ghost, Arya, and Meeko.

The Goals

Ensure all clients leave their sessions with a Grinn on their face.

Provide a safe and comfortable environment for clients to reach their oral health goals.

Collaborate with other health care professionals to ensure that clients receive holistic and comprehensive care.

Create an environment where dental hygienists can practice to the greatest degree of their qualifications and experience.

Uphold the highest standards of care.

The Mission

Empowering individuals to reach their oral health goals through advanced technologies and personalized care in a comfortable and laid-back environment.

the values

Do The Little Things Right






Honesty & Authenticity

Dental equipment at Grinn Dental Hygiene

sustainable practices


At Grinn Dental Hygiene Studio, we are earth-conscious and ensure we consider sustainable options in our services.

We have rigorous composting and recycling practices throughout the studio and choose reusable options whenever safe and possible.

We participate in carbon offsetting to compensate for our operating emissions by funding an equivalent carbon dioxide saving project.

The Products

Oral Science

Oral Science was founded in 2003, with a mission to facilitate the integration of the most innovative and performing products and technologies to ensure optimal and more predictable clinical results. Aligning with the goals of Grinn, we recommend a variety of products which can be purchased in-studio or by following the link below!