Teeth Polishing

Calgary Teeth Polishing Studio

Teeth polishing is a treatment to remove extrinsic stain, caused from things such as smoking, tea, coffee, red wine, blueberries, etc. Dental hygienists also use teeth polishing as a method to remove biofilm (the more technical term for plaque) from your teeth. Traditionally, teeth polishing is completed near the end of the appointment with a rubber cup and an abrasive polishing paste which has a flavour that no one is overly fond of. Unlike other Calgary cosmetic dentistry practices, we do teeth polishing differently at Grinn with Airflow®.


Airflow® is a technology that utilizes erythritol powder and pressurized water to effectively, efficiently, and comfortably remove biofilm (plaque) from your cheeks, tongue, palate, and up to 4mm underneath your gums! Temperature control of the water further enhances the comfort of the treatment for sensitive teeth. This technology also removes extrinsic stain and even soft calculus from your teeth.

The Flow of the Airflow®

 After the dental exam and laser LBR treatment, we apply disclosing solution to your teeth, then flow right into the Airflow®. Disclosing is a simple application of a temporary dye to your teeth to clearly show where and how mature the biofilm is. It demonstrates which areas may be being missed when brushing at home and helps guides your dental hygienist in the identification and effective removal of the biofilm.  

After disclosing, your dental hygienist will use the Airflow® to remove all the biolfim, stain, and young calculus. In some cases, your dental hygienist may also use Perioflow®, the same method but with a specific nozzle that enables them but reach up to 9mm below the gum line, as well as in hard-to-reach areas and around dental implants. Once this is completed, they will move on to the teeth scaling portion of your session (if required).

The Airflow® is also an integral part of our Prevention Program!

Why Airflow®​?

Not only does it “polish” your teeth, but your gums, cheeks, tongue and palate too

It can “polish” below the gum line too

It if effective and safe around tooth implants

It is very effective around orthodontic brackets (braces)

It is gentle on both the enamel and the root surfaces

Erythritol powder is much less abrasive than traditional polishing paste

Erythritol powder is a natural sweetener, and has been shown to have anti-cavity properties

It effectively reaches in between your teeth, as well as the pits and fissures on the chewing surfaces

It is used before teeth whitening

It is safe for everyone

It may reduce the amount of scaling required afterwards

It is efficient, effective, and comfortable


Frequently Asked Questions

No! The power and temperature controls of the Airflow® make it comfortable even for people with sensitive teeth.

Like Calgary dentists, we follow the Alberta Dental Fee Guide – it is billed as a polish, and most insurance companies consider this a reimbursable fee at your determined frequency.

Absolutely! This treatment is incredibly effective at removing biofilm around brackets and wires.

Yes! The Airflow® has been shown to be very effective and safe around tooth implants.

Technically, no. However, we find that it is very beneficial if we do because it gives your dental hygienist (and you!) a way to visualize the extent and maturity of the biofilm, and a map to ensure the biofilm is completed removed.

By efficiently removing biofilm, stain, and early calculus at the beginning of the session with Airflow®, dental scaling treatments are streamlined, and the time spent scaling is often reduced.