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A dental hygiene exam is a comprehensive evaluation to determine risk and progression of oral diseases, generate a diagnosis, create oral health goals, and formulate an optimal treatment plan.

What to expect during your Dental Hygiene Exam

At the beginning of your dental exam, your dental hygienist will do a comprehensive review of your medical and dental histories, parafunctional habits, and any drug/alcohol/cannabis use, as well as your current oral home care routine. They will also take your vitals (blood pressure, pulse, oxygen saturation, and temperature) and discuss any concerns you may have regarding your oral health.

To enhance our assessments and diagnoses, we may take Intra-oral and extra-oral photos, as well as….

X-rays with the Nomad

The Nomad machine is a really unique way for a dental hygiene clinic to take radiographs (X-rays). Being portable, it allows for radiographs to be taken very efficiently with a fully digital sensor. Your hygienist is able to stay in the room the entire time, reducing anxiety for children and making it a great dental cleaning service for kids, and reducing the time required to take the radiographs – this makes the whole process much more comfortable and efficient than traditional ways. The images are uploaded to your chart immediately. The software then enables the hygienist to adjust the image, such as the contrast and brightness, to read the image effectively and efficiently without having to do another exposure!

A 3D digital scan of your teeth

Our intraoral scanner allows us to create a 3D image of your teeth, in a very efficient and comfortable way! We will take a 3D scan to:

Determine your bite pattern- this allows us to see which teeth are taking the majority of the forces whenever you bite, clench, or grind your teeth.

Take digital impressions – Instead of having to bite on the bulky impression material in the traditional trays, we simply take a digital 3D scan with the camera. From these, we can make customized whitening trays, sports guards, and customized retainers to protect your teeth from grinding.

What else is included?

From here, the dental exam will move to an oral cancer screening, and the hygienist will do a thorough extra-oral and intra-oral exam. They will make notes of all their findings, including existing fillings, evidence of wear on your teeth, suspicions of cavities/decay, evidence of periodontal disease and gingivitis, areas of sensitivity, etc. Our dental exam will conclude by reviewing all our findings with you during the session, and we will later upload this information to your personal online portal for your future access.

After the dental hygiene exam, you will have a complete understanding of where your oral health currently stands, your risk factors, and all treatment recommendations. The dental hygienist will work with you to create goals based on these findings, and determine the steps required to reach these goals. They will send referrals to your general dentist (or help you find one) or specialist as required.

types of dental exams

The Different Dental Hygiene Exams

Dental Hygiene Exam for New Clients

This type of dental hygiene exam is always conducted during your first session with us. It includes all of the services listed above and is the most comprehensive type of dental hygiene exam. The exam involves a significant amount of charting. Your dental hygienist will chart all of your existing conditions, such as missing teeth, fillings, bridges, implants, root canals, etc, as well as complete a periodontal evaluation. This initial dental hygiene exam establishes a base line for all past and future treatments – this is a very important step in preventative dental hygiene as it allows us to closely monitor changes in your oral health over time. This is a very informative dental hygiene exam, for not only the hygienist, but for you as well!

Re-care Dental Hygiene Exam

This type of dental hygiene exam includes all of the services listed in “What to Expect During Your Dental Hygiene Exam.” Typically completed every six months to a year, the dental hygienist records any new findings and notes changes to what was previously charted during your new patient dental hygiene exam. This ensures that all charting is accurate and up to date, treatment plans are adjusted if necessary, and any new required Calgary dentist referrals can be made. Regular dental hygiene clinic re-care exams ensure that concerns are addressed during early stages of disease.

Periodontal Evaluations

Periodontal evaluations, or Full-Mouth Probes (FMP), are dental exams that focus specifically on the health of the supporting structures of your teeth- the gums and bones. Typically completed yearly for adults, they allow our dental hygienist to complete staging and grading – the severity/extent and progression of periodontal disease, respectively. These types of exams assist in treatment planning and allow our hygiene clinic to analyze the effectiveness of the implemented interventions. If you haven’t discussed your “pockets” with your dental hygienist yet- you will!