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Preventing oral disease is at the core of the services we offer.

Grinn is an Independent Dental Hygiene clinic, dedicated to preventative dentistry. The term “dental cleaning” is traditionally thought of as teeth scaling, tooth polishing, and topical fluoride treatments. These are all very effective treatments—and they do more than just clean. They are preventative therapies that can reduce the prevalence and severity of dental diseases. What some refer to as a dental cleaning, we refer to as dental hygiene therapy.  

After completing a dental hygiene exam, the dental hygiene experience transitions into the treatment portion, the services that will help you reach your oral health goals. Below is the typical flow of dental hygiene therapy, assuming that these services were both recommended by the hygienist and accepted by you!

Laser Bacterial Reduction

Laser bacterial reduction (LBR) is a non-invasive, painless, pre-procedural decontamination process that is typically completed at the beginning of your dental hygiene therapy session. The diode laser utilizes the light energies to disinfect, destroy infective biofilms (structured, adherent communities of bacteria) in the periodontal pocket, reduce periodontal inflammation, and initiate bio-stimulation. This service also helps reduce chances of cross-contamination during the rest of the treatment.

Guided Biofilm Therapy

Guided Biofilm Therapy (GBT) is the systematic, comfortable removal of biofilm (colonies of bacteria that are the main etiologic factors for cavities and periodontal disease) utilizing the cutting-edge technology of the Airflow®, Perioflow®, and Piezon®. The treatment is focused on providing the highest level of comfort, safety, and efficiency. These treatments begin with disclosing, which is the application of a colourful dye to your teeth. This dye demonstrates the extent and maturity of the biofilm. Disclosing highlights problematic areas being missed during home care routines and ensures completed removal of biofilm during the dental polishing and scaling.


Following disclosing, we use the Airflow® to remove the biofilm, as well as any extrinsic stain and soft calculus. This is traditionally known as the dental polish or tooth polish, which we now do more towards the beginning of the hygiene session, and no longer use the rubber cup and unpleasant tasting polishing paste. The Airflow® technology utilizes pressurized and warmed water and erythritol powder to remove biofilm from your gums, cheek, tongue, and palate. It also removes biofilm up to 4mm underneath the gum tissues (in the pocket). The dental hygienist may also change the tip to the Perioflow® to direct the water and erythritol powder up to 9mm below the gum line to reduce biofilm in deeper, more difficult areas to clean, and around all dental implants. Airflow®/Perioflow®  is part of our Prevention Program!


Once the biofilm, stain, and young calculus is removed, your dental hygienist will complete dental scaling and utilize the Piezon® to remove calculus/tartar. Calculus on your teeth is essentially a hardened mixture of plaque biofilm and the minerals from your saliva. The Piezon® is an ultrasonic scaler that utilizes temperature-controlled water and automatically adjusts the power when it detects the presence of calculus! In addition to the Piezon®, your dental hygienist will also utilize hand dental scaling techniques to ensure complete removal of all the calculus.

lady having Tooth desensitizing treatment


For many of us, tooth sensitivity is something that affects our quality of life- it can dictate what types of foods and drinks we consume, what side of the mouth we chew on, it can even affect the way we breathe! While there are many different causes of sensitive teeth, one of the most common causes is exposed dentin or root exposure. Tooth desensitizing treatments may help reduce the sensitivity you experience, without the need to “drill and fill”. We offer several different methods for desensitization which are efficient, effective, and comfortable.

Topical Fluoride

Topical fluoride is typically the last part of the dental hygiene session. Topical fluoride aids in the remineralization of the natural tooth structure, which helps reduce the risk of getting cavities.

Prevention Program

The two main oral diseases we aim to prevent with dental cleaning are periodontal disease (gum disease/periodontitis/gingivitis), and dental caries (decay/cavities). Through combination therapy of the services we offer, we embrace the power of prevention.

In the spirit of oral disease prevention, we offer a Prevention Program! The Prevention Program is a combination of Laser Bacterial Reduction (LBR) and the Airflow® treatments, that is utilized in between regular dental hygiene therapy sessions. If your dental hygienist has determined that you require tooth scaling at a certain interval, typically every 3, 4, 6, 9 or 12 months, and that you may require more frequent biofilm disruption to reduce inflammation, the Prevention Program can be utilized halfway between these intervals. To qualify for the Prevention Program, you must have had a comprehensive dental exam, xrays and a full dental hygiene therapy session with us. This is designed as a maintenance program and it does require approval from your dental hygienist.