The Studio


An Independent Dental
Hygiene Studio

Offering preventative dental care and periodontal treatment, we are dedicated to empowering individuals to reach their oral health goals in a relaxed, supportive, and collaborative environment.

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The Studio

Prevention Is Powerful

Grinn was founded to create a comfortable and preventative environment for achieving oral health. Utilizing a collaborative approach, we integrate unique treatment modalities in our services to empower you to reach your individual oral health goals.

The Experience

Your home of oral health.

Everyone has the right to a healthy smile, and everyone deserves a relaxing environment that empowers them to achieve this. At Grinn, we understand that dental anxiety is a real experience. In our studio, compassion and technology can transform how you experience dental hygiene care. Our goal is to provide an environment where clients feel safe, comfortable, and heard.

Our studio experience features:



In-house Botox
& TMJ massage

Warm Water for
Reduced Sensitivity


Noises Omitted


Make your grin as healthy as it is beautiful.

At Grinn, you receive a deeply personalized experience. By focusing on the power of preventative care, we promote oral and systemic health with a goal to reduce the need for restorative and reactive interventions. Placing client comfort as our top priority, we are genuine, transparent, and accepting. Our equipment and services are designed to ensure treatment is safe, effective, and comfortable.

our services and procedures

Caring For You And Your Smile.

Our equipment and services are designed to ensure treatment is genuine and effective.

Not your average calgary dental hygienist

Why Grinn?

We offer personalized client portals equipped with your session overview, including a full oral health report and specific product recommendations. Through your portal, we offer simplistic online booking for future sessions.

Our goal with our relaxed environment is to ensure your experience is comfortable and inclusive throughout every treatment.

At Grinn, we want to change the narrative. By offering personalized and comprehensive dental hygiene therapy, we aim to remove the negative connotation associated with dental experiences.

Collaboration between unique modalities promotes comprehensive treatment.

We follow the Alberta Dental Fee Guide, and we do direct billing to ensure dealing with the finances is a simple process.

Earth conscious- Grinn reduces waste and recycles whenever possible.

We acknowledge that we operate on treaty 6 territory.